IP Based

IP-based access control solutions provide cost-effective, easily managed security solutions that can be deployed on demand across hundreds of locations using software.


Lost cards, forgotten pass codes and outdated key pads can be a thing of the past with fingerprint identification, iris scans and even facial feature scanners. This type of technology is reliable, affective and user friendly.


Got an existing building and you don’t want to see those ugly wires or have a crew drilling holes in your walls? Consider a wireless system. Wireless options create the perfect access control solution for tenants and renters. It is reliable, quick and easy to install. Repairs and replacements are a snap down the road and they are mobile (you can take it with you). PFS can retrofit a wireless system in any preexisting facility.

Control your environment – manage the flow of people in your facility

  • Monitor who enters and exits your building, and permit or deny access to certain areas. Know when and where people are, and track the frequency of each staff or visitors access.
  • Isolate and assign special access for particular personnel in key areas (like high security file rooms, stock rooms, warehouses and storage areas).
  • Permit or deny the entry of visitors. Track and monitor where visitors are inside your facility.
  • Keep your clients protected and your entry authorizations exclusive. Use report data to determine traffic flow at certain times and particular days to generate statistics you can use to improve your business (great for gyms and member-type services).
  • Access technology allows you to assign entry authorization to current clients and members and to deny access to delinquent or non-members helping you manage collections and memberships. With the right system, you can program a special message to have a member or client contact you.
  • Restrict access by appointment only - like to the clubhouse of an apartment buildings or closed community.


Call us for a consultation to assess your building and access control needs. Our trained staff can offer advise and information on the latest technology. We can design the perfect system for a small business to a complex office park, from a simple touch key entry to a card reader or fingerprint identification system – call Steve Barnard at 256-603-9607 for system design questions.


We sell and install Honeywell and Mircom access control systems with a 1 year warranty. Both companies offer state of the art building systems technology and guarantee their products. Allow us to create a competitive quote suited for your specific needs. call John Atherton at 256-604-8175.


PFS provides 24 hour service to an array of access control systems (not just our own). We are happy to trouble shoot and repair any system – call Mike Milling at 256-655-5123.