Fire extinguishers alone aren't enough.

Did you know that nearly half of dry chemical extinguisher system failures (44%) were due to lack of maintenance? Other reasons cited for failure were as follows:

  • 27% were because manual intervention defeated the equipment,
  • 11% were because a component was damaged,
  • 10% were because the system was shut off, and
  • 8% were because the system was inappropriate for the type of fire.
Above statistics cited from the National Fire Protection Association’s study on "U.S. Experience with Non-Water-Based Automatic Fire Extinguishing Equipment" (Oct. 2012).

It’s not enough just to own a fire extinguisher to protect your property. Most people don’t even know when their equipment has expired until it is too late. You also need to have the proper size and type of device for the appropriate space and conditions. Our technicians are certified and trained to assess your facility and coordinate proper type, size, and placement of fire extinguishers to meet your needs according to national fire protection standards.

At PFS, we realize that fire extinguisher maintenance isn’t exactly the first thing on every business owners mind, and when you rely on a company to maintain your fire extinguishers, you need the assurance that every device will discharge and perform as it should in the event of an emergency. We won’t just put a new tag on your extinguisher, we will examine, repair and recharge every device as needed so that you can be confident that all of your devices are working and meeting inspection compliance.

We use special software to track the location, age, and expiration of each device in your facility or multiple facilities, and we can manage a rotating schedule of required inspections to let you know when it’s time for tagging and recharging of 6 year and 12 year devices. We can also replace parts or add new extinguishers in a variety of sizes from manufacturers such as Amerex, and Buckeye.

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