Who We Serve

  • Single Facilities
  • Small Private Schools
  • Educational and Industrial Campuses
  • Entire School Districts
  • Businesses with multiple offsite/satellite locations


The option of using your existing infrastructure and equipment maximizes your investment. Telecor’s unmatched flexibility of system design is facilitated by the ability to interface with other systems, using both IP and conventional hardware components. Telecor offers a complete range of IP devices that conveniently reside on your network in addition to conventional field devices that simply connect to IP or legacy hardware components. This versatility allows us to design for the individual requirements of a single facility, a campus, or an entire school district.


Flexibility, extension of service life, and the utilization of all suitable technologies, are combined to bring our customers the highest level of system performance and value.

Fast • Reliable • Organized • Networked • Mass Communication

The Telecor Advantage

  • Affordable, modern technology meets your budget
  • System integration allows you to upgrade existing systems
  • Configurability offers vast solutions
  • Design flexibility offers more options
  • Interfacing ability allows us to work with existing equipment
  • Crisis Notification offers immediate life-saving communication


Life Safety K-12

Telecor has developed the first ever District-Wide Crisis Notification System for K-12 applications.

In the event of a serious threat, seconds and minutes count while waiting for emergency responders to arrive. Immediate communication in that vital window of time to teachers and students mitigates confusion, panic, and chaos. Telecor technology provides the kind of system necessary to feed a vast network with fast, reliable, organized communication.


Maximize your investment with options using your existing infrastructure and equipment. Your existing system may not be obsolete and adding a Telecor system does not mean you have to start all over with all new equipment. Telecor intentionally designed their products to avoid system obsolescence by offering the ability to interface with other systems using both IP and conventional hardware components, extending the service life of your equipment by years. Telecor technology simply lowers your total cost of ownership.


Visual Console - Gone are the days of printed directories of classes.

By integrating the functionality of a control console into the dynamic framework of a PC with an easy-to-use graphical interface, performing routine call processing, paging, audio program distribution, bell scheduling, and emergency operations are all simplified through this Windows-based application.

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Telephone Integration- Easily integrates with any telephone system regardless of the phone system’s platform.

Integration with VoIP, PBX, or KSU telephone systems provides access to the paging and intercom system from the facility’s telephones. This function also allows communication with locations outside of the facility and emergency services.

Visual Messaging – Messages for the eyes and the ears

While Telecor’s digital clocks and electronic message displays indicate the current time in their default state, they can also display textual messages, complementing the audio-paging functionality. Critical information is provided for the hearing impaired or amid very high levels of ambient noise. This function complements the audio messaging to augment the level of comprehension among all message recipients.

Tone Generation - Customized tones can be created through Telecor’s configuration software.

The Tone Generator makes it possible to generate a wide variety of tones for class change signals, call annunciation, and emergency notification, such as weather alerts, and evacuation commands.

Web-based Programming - Multiple systems can be managed and monitored from one convenient location.

Web-based programming provides a user-friendly interface for configuration of the Telecor Communications System via the Internet or a LAN/WAN. With web-based programming, an entire school district consisting of multiple systems can be managed and monitored from one convenient location, resulting in savings of time and money.

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