Monitoring Features

  • Live notification to a list of your designated contacts
  • 24/7/365 monitoring – day/night/weekends/holidays
  • Quick response dispatching to emergency response personnel
  • Free mobile app for your smart devices to track activity on you system from anywhere in the world.
  • Non-Emergency Alerts (automated systems) such as unsecured doors, inactivated alarms etc…

24/7/365 Fire & Security Alarm Monitoring

Switch & Ditch

Businesses save money by switching to cellular radio communication and ditching their phone line connections.

Many buildings still have phone line connections that allow fire alarm and security systems to communicate with dispatchers at a central monitoring station. Cellular technology has made phone line usage a thing and an expense of the past. By ditching your phone line and switching to a radio communicator you can save those high monthly phone line costs. PFS can easily switch your system to a radio communicator with one quick service call. We offer options that allow you to own the radio for a lower annual monitoring fee (recommended for building owners and businesses with long term leases). Alternatively, we can install a radio at our expense for a slightly higher annual monitoring fee (highly recommended for renters and tenants unsure of future lease terms). Contact John Atherton for more information on each option at 256-604-8175 or

Why is monitoring important? Isn't a loud siren enough?

Life threatening events can come in all forms, from fires, intruders, unexpected medical emergencies, or even life threatening accidents. They can happen when you are present and when you are absent. No matter what type of property you are protecting with the investment of an installed system, be it a home, an apartment or a business, protect the people that live and play there with the investment of 24/7 monitoring service. It is the only way to ensure immediate notification to emergency responders and to you and your designated contacts. Our central monitoring station operators will notify you, walk you through an emergency, and dispatch emergency response personnel immediately in the event of an emergency. They also notify us with reports on system functions and issues and when service or repair might be necessary.

For kids living away from home for the first time, to older parents in need of your assistance you’ll have piece of mind knowing that a watchful eye is on your security systems. All control panels are equipped with a panic button for those times that personal emergency assistance is needed even when no outside threat is present, as in the case of a debilitating fall or unexpected medical emergency when an ambulance dispatch is necessary. If you travel and feel insecure leaving family members alone, rest your mind knowing that you’ve taken measures to protect them in your absence.

Costs and Contracts

Service costs and length of terms vary depending on type and size of system and monitoring needs, and whether communication is via phone lines or cellular radios. We can evaluate your system type and communication needs and present a quote to your satisfaction.