Jeron is…

  • UL 1069 listed
  • Affiliated with these reputable GPO’s: MedAssets, Premier, Novation, ROi, including a GSA contract
  • Provides real time access to the appropriate staff, saving the facility time and money.
  • Facilitates nursing management with the ability to assign the right task to the right staff at the right time, providing hospitals with superior patient service and higher overall patient ratings.

PFS is a certified distributor of Jeron 680 and 790 healthcare communication systems. Jeron designs and manufactures a complete family of innovative, state of the art communication systems to address the unique requirements of today's healthcare facilities. Our nurse call, digital duplex intercom, and room status systems focus on streamlining communications from patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff for increased patient and staff satisfaction while driving efficiency at the point of care.

Improve your HCAHPS scores.

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The difference between good and great patient service and staff management depends on the quality of your communication technology.

We install and service Jeron Innovative Healthcare Communication Systems for the Acute Care, Skilled Care, and Clinic Environments.

Nurse Call Communications

The Jeron line of Provider® Nurse Call systems meet the diverse alerting and communication needs of healthcare facilities including acute care hospitals, skilled care/nursing home facilities, assisted living/long-term care facilities, and clinics.

Provider® 790 Nurse Call
Provider 790 is Jeron’s IP-based Nurse Call communications solution. The system leverages VoIP technology for a facility-wide networked solution ensuring clear audio communication across the entire facility. Streamlining communications, the system integrates with wireless SIP phones, keeping staff mobile, accessible, and available for direct the direct patient care that leads to increased patient and staff satisfaction. The system’s workflow features streamline processes both within and across departments while the rounding features ensure patients are visited within a set time period. Provider 790 is backed by an industry leading five-year warranty. Click here to learn more.

Provider® 680 Nurse Call
The Provider 680 Nurse Call system’s flexibility provides a standard communication solution for either acute care or skilled care facilities. The intuitive touchscreen operation speeds response to patient calls while the wireless alerting options notifies staff to their patient’s calls from anywhere throughout the facility without the need for disruptive overhead pages. Multiple Provider 680 systems can network together for a facility-wide solution including centralized code display and enterprise-wide activity reporting. The easy-to-install system incorporates advanced technology to streamline communication and will improve patient care and staff satisfaction while minimizing installation and maintenance costs. Provider 680 is backed by an industry leading five-year warranty. Click here to learn more.

Provider® 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call
The Provider 680 Tone-Visual Nurse Call system provides staff with instant patient information such as knowing which patient needs attention, what type of call they placed, and their location. Utilizing tones and notification indications at Nurse Consoles, Duty Stations, and Dome Lights, this system is designed to meet the requirements of an entire facility or a single unit. The full alphanumeric display at the Nurse Console indicates the top call priorities and their respective room numbers; there is no second guessing who placed the first call. The Provider 680 Tone-Visual system readily integrates with wandering patient, security systems, smoke detectors, and bed exit alarms to quickly alert staff of critical events. Provider 680 Tone-Visual is backed by an industry leading five-year warranty. Click here to learn more.