Things to consider when deciding on the right Security System:

  • Size of building (how many zones, doors, windows)
  • Type of property (home, apartment, business)
  • Size of budget (we will give you an honest quote with no hidden costs or padded monthly monitoring fees).
  • Type of system: Wireless or hard wired technology? Traditional or automated? Communications monitored by phone lines or cellular radio? Glass break devices, motion and smock detectors or both? Is your house or business under construction or preexisting? Do you have large pets?
  • Does your insurance provider offer discounts for security and monitoring? This can help defray costs.
  • Smoke and Fire Detection Option: Get early warning fire detection from your security system. By replacing your regular smoke alarms with smoke detector devices that tie into your security system, the same 24/7 service that monitors your security can now automatically alert the fire department when smoke or fire is detected in your home.
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detection Option: Add Carbon Monoxide detectors to your security system in the same way and get even more from your monitoring service.
  • CCTV option – Add cameras for remote viewing to your automated system. Cameras are not only useful for intruder detection, but to keep an eye on children in a distant playroom, or playing outdoors (especially if you have a pool). You can see quickly and easily who is at your front door from any room using any cellular device.

Remote System Automation for Home or Business

Let PFS automate your home operation systems and give you control at the touch of a screen from anywhere at any time. Automation is simply cellular technology and you don’t have to build a new home to have it. We can tie your existing air conditioning, lights, and doors into your new automation system by quickly and easily replacing thermostat controls, light switches and door knobs.


Never again worry that you left the house unlocked or forgot to close the garage door or set the alarm. The latest and greatest wireless technology now allows people the convenience of managing their home and building systems remotely from common smart devices. More and more home owners have discovered the benefit of remote access to door locks, garage doors, lights, air conditioning and alarm systems at the touch of a button (or should we say a screen). From your office or while traveling, you can double check doors locks, set the alarm, or even let someone in to water the plants. You can appear to be home by turning lights on and off around the house when on an extended absence. It’s become such a modern convenience that it is now considered an important property asset and desired sellable feature, just like having a great kitchen or bath.


Consider the same convenience of home automation for your business. If you own a business, and especially if your business is managed by employees in your absence, automation is a must for peace of mind. Check that doors, lights, and alarm systems have been properly secured at the end of the business day from the comfort of your own home or while traveling.

Wireless – Wired – Multi System Automation – Cameras – System Monitoring

For Homeowners – Apartment Renters – Commercial Property

Residential Security

Protect life, assets and property with a smart, appropriate security and/or camera system custom designed for your needs and budget. We don’t offer a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all approach to security systems and monitoring like a lot of national chain security companies. We offer choice, flexibility and personal, local service. PFS has a variety of UL listed wireless security alarm systems, security camera systems, and remote automation systems designed with homeowners and apartment renters in mind. Our systems are designed appropriately for specific needs and desires based on a carefully constructed plan that considers all aspects of the property, code requirements, functions, budget and desired ease of use. We can also tie in your preexisting home systems into an automated system controlled by cellular communication to give you full access to all of your home operations from a smart device or phone from anywhere in the world. You can arm or disarm you system remotely and receive alerts by email or on smart devices in the event your security system is triggered. We can also offer options on monitoring service contracts to suit your needs whether you’re plan to live in your home for just a little while, forever, or even if you’re not really sure.

Monitoring agreement, home ownership or landlord approval, and satisfactory credit history required.

Local permit fees and/or sales tax may apply.

BE AWARE of permit and Registration Requirements

Not every city requires a user permit or registration of your security system, so it is extremely important that you check with your local zoning board. In many communities, failing to file a permit could result in a fine and in some cases non-response from emergency services.

There are two primary types of permits for home security systems. One is a state-monitoring permit; the other is for local emergency entities. The permits are usually renewed on an annual basis.

Requirements are dependent on the actual municipality and its rules. Check to see if you are

expected to re-register if you change home security providers, or if your home has a preexisting system when you purchase it.

Commercial Security

While home security is designed primarily to protect people, commercial security is design to protect property. Security systems are varied and function in different ways to secure different environments and types of property. A jewelry store for example, will require special features and functions that a coffee shop just won’t need. It doesn’t have to be confusing when you consult with an experienced professional. Our designer will discuss your needs and desires, evaluate your type of business and building layout to determine the best security options suited for your situation. Whether you are considering a system update, overhaul, or planning new construction, we can create a security plan and quote that suits your business and your budget. Add CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Intercom for a complete and comprehensive systems package. We sell Honeywell and Mircom security devices, but can install most brands if your specifications call for a particular system. Give Steve Barnard a call today for more information 256-603-9607 or email

The Wonders of Wireless… It just makes sense.

  • Easy Installation saves time and money - No extensive wire routes through walls and ceilings (recommended for new and existing homes and rentals)
  • Control at your fingertips – System can be controlled with smart devices through cellular communication
  • Tamper Resistant – Intruders can cut wires to disable a hard-wired system
  • Mobility and freedom- A wired system cannot be removed from a building as it is considered part of the structure, but a wireless system is like taking the television with you when you move. You can relocate it and reset it anytime anywhere you wish and simply transfer your existing monitoring contract to your new address

Traditional Wired Systems for Commercial Use

  • New Construction - Traditionally wired systems can be more easily installed in new construction, as wires can be easily and quickly routed before drywall and ceilings are placed.
  • Preexisting Buildings - For preexisting buildings and remodeling projects, we can retrofit a wired system in any existing building. (We do not install wired systems in existing homes)

Security Technology 101

New security technology is ever growing and popular, but it does not have to be complex or confusing. Want to know how it works? We love this great video from Honeywell that explains the impact of evolving communications technologies on security systems.